Monthly Archive: November, 2013

Guest Review:The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

The Latest Picture Show welcomes its first guest reviewer in the form of charming, beardy, native of Australia Lachlan Rutherford. Please give him a warm round of applause and revel in his gorgeous… Continue reading

Don Jon Review

Written, directed and starring the impervious Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Don Jon grows into its taboo subject matter to leave a meaningful social commentary on modern relationships, sex and life in general. Oddly, despite society… Continue reading

Dom Hemingway Review

Staggering through the overwhelmingly serious Oscar hopefuls is the half cut, aggressive, yet poetically comical, bruiser Dom Hemingway. Unlikely to win any awards the typically British gangster picture is welcome light relief in… Continue reading

Gravity Review

Space, the great unknown, the last frontier left for humanity to impossibly try to conquer or at least comprehend marginally more than we already do. The arts have always held a strong fascination… Continue reading

Pondering a Film Adaptation of Morrissey’s Autobiography

Cinema loves a good adaptation, they always have and always will, in fact often it seems that without the age old delights of the written word there would be no films, such is… Continue reading

The Selfish Giant Review

“The British are Coming!” Paul Revere exclaimed to the sleepy people of Boston in the dead of the 1775 night, warning them of imminent arrival of some nasty British soldiers hankering for a… Continue reading

Captain Phillips Review

Just as the wicked winter nights draw in earlier and earlier so does the premature tattle surrounding the Oscars, usually which Hollywood A-lister is to saunter down the red carpet clutching the little… Continue reading