Monthly Archive: June, 2013

Classic Review: The Birds (1963)

            One of Alfred Hitchcock’s most revered and iconic films, ‘The Birds’ is far more than the horror film it is often remembered as, rather being an exploration of human relationships and a… Continue reading

Man of Steel Review

With all the success Superhero reboots have had over the last decade, notably Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy and Marc Webb’s ‘The Amazing Spiderman’, it was no surprise that Superman finally received the Hollywood… Continue reading

Classic Review: Scarface (1983)

            One of the great characters in cinema, Tony Montana, constantly quoted and forever imitated yet never a touch on Al Pacino’s original performance in ‘Scarface’. While Al Pacino is the star of… Continue reading

‘The Stone Roses: Made of Stone’ Review

            Does acclaimed director Shane Meadow’s self-confessed ‘love letter’ to The Stone Roses break from the traditional music documentary model work for the better or fail to live up to the band’s hype?… Continue reading

Behind the Candelabra Review

Liberace exclaims “I love to give the people a good time” which is exactly what director Steven Soderbergh does through a full blend of humour, drama and good old fashioned entertainment in ‘Behind… Continue reading

Classic Review: Play Misty For Me (1971)

            Clint Eastwood succeeds in his directorial debut by creating a simple, yet enjoyable stalker thriller that is way ahead of its time back in 1971.             Eastwood himself takes lead as late… Continue reading

Spring Breakers Review

  Every year thousands of college students in America embark on the ritualistic trip known as “Spring Break”, often migrating south to Florida and the Mexican city of Cancun in search of sun,… Continue reading

Classic Review: If…. (1968)

Lindsay Anderson’s “If…” (1968) is not only one of the most underrated British films but also one of the most controversial at the time of its release, derided by Lord Brabourne as  ‘the… Continue reading

Looper Review

‘Looper’ is not your average sci-fi film, yes it may contain all the classic hallmarks of the genre; time travel, telekinetic powers and new gadgets, but it manages to rise above its genre… Continue reading

Skyfall Review

            This year marks the 50th anniversary of James Bond’s inception on the big screen and ‘Skyfall’ triumphantly reminds us why he remains one of the greatest icons of cinema. The film perfectly… Continue reading