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“Servant? I’m nobody’s servant!” How Joseph Losey’s ‘The Servant’ Became a Class Above the British New Wave

By the time of The Servant’s release in November 1963, the so-called ‘British New Wave’ was in its final throws, huffing and puffing like the chimney stacks that littered its films. Starting with… Continue reading

Mubi – Classic Films and Sharp Reviews

On top of my brutally long and rambling reviews here at The Latest Picture Show, I often smash out quick and concise reviews over on film streaming site Mubi. You may not have heard… Continue reading

Classic Review: M (1931)

  “And is evil just something you are or something you do?” – Morrissey, Sister I’m a Poet Seldom is there anything more despised in the civilised world than a child killer. Merely… Continue reading

Classic Review: Gozu/極道恐怖大劇場 牛頭 (2003)

The purpose of reviewing classic films on here is to see whether certain films have stood the test of time or kept their original charm and impact, as well as to highlight tremendous… Continue reading

Classic Review: Breathless/À Bout de Souffle (1960)

Debatably the standout film of the French New Wave, Jean-Luc Godard’s debut remains a landmark in cinematic history, failing to lose any of its charm, beauty and brilliance 50 years on. Godard and… Continue reading

Classic Review: The Birds (1963)

            One of Alfred Hitchcock’s most revered and iconic films, ‘The Birds’ is far more than the horror film it is often remembered as, rather being an exploration of human relationships and a… Continue reading

Classic Review: Scarface (1983)

            One of the great characters in cinema, Tony Montana, constantly quoted and forever imitated yet never a touch on Al Pacino’s original performance in ‘Scarface’. While Al Pacino is the star of… Continue reading

Classic Review: Play Misty For Me (1971)

            Clint Eastwood succeeds in his directorial debut by creating a simple, yet enjoyable stalker thriller that is way ahead of its time back in 1971.             Eastwood himself takes lead as late… Continue reading

Classic Review: If…. (1968)

Lindsay Anderson’s “If…” (1968) is not only one of the most underrated British films but also one of the most controversial at the time of its release, derided by Lord Brabourne as  ‘the… Continue reading