London Film Festival 2015: Green Room Review


Punk Music has always had an uneasy relationship with violence, but for all the bravado, safety pins and rioting it’s never been explicitly tied to outright murder. That was until ultra-violent thriller Green Room hit theaters. Following on from his widely praised debut, Blue Ruin, Jeremy Saulnier cranks the drama up to eleven and produces an exhilarating, albeit unsophisticated, punk music inspired take on the familiar home invasion genre.

The story of Green Room pulls inspiration from classic horror and survival thrillers to form a tense hybrid of the two subgenres. Proudly independent punk band The Ain’t Rights find themselves booked to play a potentially profitable gig at a shady venue in the deepest darkest depths of the woods – a place that looks like it might be round the corner from Ash’s gaff in The Evil Dead. Upon arrival, the band members are unnerved to see a host of mean-looking skinheads, characterised by head stomping Doc Martens and right-wing allegiances, loitering around the venue. After playing to the crowed of bruisers – antagonising them with a rendition of The Dead Kennedys “Nazi Punks F**k Off” – the band retires to the green room and walk in on a crime not meant for their eyes. Soon holed up in the green room, the band members begin to fear their paycheck isn’t the only thing they’ll be losing….read the complete review at Movie Fail here.