The Guest Review

With the door firmly closed behind him, the darkly sinister stranger has locked out any hope of escape with a stern push of the handle. Our female protagonist sits silently, frozen with fear at the thought of her imminent fate. The shady figure ahead lowers to her level and reassures the trembling girl that he’s a normal guy. He tells her inquiries into his shady past should be ceased immediately, or else.

“Ok?” he rhetorically asks with a glare. We know the girl silently accepts his deadly ultimatum, but the man wants an answer. “Ok?” he asks again, forcing the girl to irritatedly confirm the obvious. With that, the tone shifts and as the tension of their previous exchange is broken. This once daunting figure cheerily heads for the door. Apropos of nothing, he thanks the girl for the 80s CD mix she’s left on the side. The whole sequence left me with a furrowed brow.

The Guest is filled with subtly twisted and wholly peculiar caveats that steer the film away from its appearance as another run-of-the-mill thriller…. Read the rest of the review at Movie Fail