Mubi – Classic Films and Sharp Reviews

On top of my brutally long and rambling reviews here at The Latest Picture Show, I often smash out quick and concise reviews over on film streaming site Mubi. You may not have heard of Mubi, but it’s a fantastic and inexhaustive library of films to stream. They range from Hollywood classics, forgotten silent epics as well as obscure offerings from the vast goldmine of world cinema. Mubi provides a new film to stream every day, which then is available for a month, so there’s some incentive to get watching before that Japanese rom-com you’ve been eyeing up vanishes again.

Anyway, I digress. Essentially, if you like my writing and opinion on here, then you can get another dose of me over at Mubi on my profile here I can’t recommend Mubi enough if you’re interested in cinema and filmmaking, so join me and get involved!