The Latest Picture Show’s Top 10 of 2013

As tedious and overused end of year lists are they are undoubtedly popular, despite the limited choices and inevitable overlap. Seeing as I’ve probably reviewed all my choices on here already I’ll just hyperlink them all to death below, any I haven’t reviewed I’ll give a brief appraisal of praise. Some of these films may have only just been released in England, but they were produced and released last year in the US of A so they sneak their way in. What I’ve learnt from this year is that it’s incredibly difficult to find the time to see all the films you want, I’ve missed a fair few of the critical hits in the last year so forgive me if there are some glaring admissions (Gravity isn’t meant to be there).

It’s the Oscars next week, so here are my personal winners of last year in no particular order:

1)Filth (9/10)

2)Rush (8.5/10)

3)Only God Forgives (9/10)

4)A Field in England (7/10)

5)Behind the Candelabra (9/10)

6)The Act of Killing (9/10)

7)The Wolf of Wall Street (8.5/10)

8)12 Years A Slave (9.5/10)

9)Her (8.5/10)

10)The Place Beyond the Pines- Ambitious filmmaking rarely attempted in this day and age, an American epic that transcends several ages and perspectives with some superb performances from fresh and familiar faces alike.

Honourable mentions: Spring Breakers, Stoker, Frances Ha (should probably be in top 10, but I literally just watched it), Alpha Papa and Kill Your Darlings

Films I wanted to watch but never got round to in 2013:  Nebraska, Frances Ha, Blue Is the Warmest Color, The Great Beauty, All is Lost and Stranger by the Lake.

Worst film of the year: The Bling Ring

Concur? Disagree? Don’t give two bollocks? Think I’m full of gobshite and incapable of compiling a proper list of 2013’s films if my pet badger’s life depended on it? Then tell me in the comments below.

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